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Chainsaw Carvers


Pinske Power units are designed specifically for chainsaw carvers. The Pinske Power Unit attaches to the carver’s chainsaw and offers variable speeds. The unit is operated by a motor (either gas or electrical), and according to the carvers who tested it out, it handles like none other. Complete packages, which include both the Power Unit and Chainsaw, are also available.

Benefits include:

- ability to work indoors
- very high power to weight ratio
- low noise
- constant oiling of the chain
- no exhaust
- little to no kickback
- greatly reduces nerve damage caused by vibrations

NEW! Watch the video demonstration! Amazing proof of the power behind the Pinske Power Unit.


Testimonial –

“If you need to get out there and carve like a maniac, you just turn this machine on, and let er’ rip,” says, Barre Pinske, a chainsaw carver from Chester, Vermont. “With a regular chainsaw, you would have to stop about every 15 minutes to refuel, but this machine allows a three-week span of fuel usage. You should maintain it about every week. I know some carvers are environmentalists, and you can also run environmental friendly oils.” Pinske continued, “There is no kick-back and it has better ergonomics. You also do not smell like fumes, you’re not inhaling fumes, and your hands aren’t numb from vibrations.”